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Business cards

Production of business cards is the best way of representing your company and yourself. Standard size of business cards is 9050 mm or 8555 mm (euro-standard). We can print business cards by different way of printing: silk-printing, offset- printing, full-color digital printing on different sorts of paper and cardboards.

Business Card Signs: Offset printing; 4+0 colors; whitening paper 300 g/m.  Business Card Auto style: Silk-screen printing, three colors (red, blue, black); design cardboard Collotech 300 g/m.

Business Card Depute: Silk-screen printing, four colors (black, yellow, blue, gold); white plastic. Business Card CMS: Digital printing; whitening paper 300 g/m.

Business Card Samson: Silk-screen printing, two colors (black, silver); gold foil stamping; design cardboard Stardream moonstone 300 g/m. Business Card Marka: Silk-screen printing, two colors; design cardboard Ivobel blue 300 g/m.

Business Card Askoni: Silk-screen printing, three colors (white, red, gold); design cardboard Plike black 300 g/m. Business Card Fundament: Silk-screen printing, one color (black); gold foil stamping; design cardboard Splendorgel 340 g/m.