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“UPRINT” printing house has been established as an advertising department of “UMG-holding” in March 1, 2006, its principal work being polygraphy. The enterprise’s location is 66-b, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., Kiev, near the “Respublikanskiy Stadion” metro. The location at the centre of the city provides comfortable conditions for qualitative client service especially in the business of commercial print assortment.

The keynote aim of the company is to give to our clients the really whole range of the printed production of any level of difficulties. We suggest to you reliable and advantageous conditions of collaboration. The enterprise offers a full spectrum of printing and publishing services. That will include design output and ready products: booklets, newspapers (small editions), stickers, posters, cards and other advertising materials.

Only in our Print-shop you will find so reliable combination of prise, quality and time fulfil!

Our Company offers to you the whole spectrum of polygraph services:

The operative polygraphy

Offset and Silk-screen printing


Post-press processing

 We make discounts on the all type of works to our permanent clients. We value every our client and hope, that right YOU will become our permanent partner!